Fisher Price Playmat 單面包邊地墊 [100 x 200 cm]
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Fisher Price Playmat 單面包邊地墊 [100 x 200 cm]

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. 使用了對人體無害的食品包裝材料Polyethylene,是個安全無毒無害的環保安全地墊
. 單面包邊及保護壓膜的設計,提高耐用性及表面感覺舒適不粘皮膚
. 表面的雙層壓紋設計,減低衝擊力,具有防滑的效果及增加通風性
. 防漏結構,不會滲透並且容易清洗,用濕布一擦即可
. PE材質提供好緩衝效果,可有效阻止地表寒氣及降低噪音
. 產品均符合歐洲安全標準,是不含有害物質的環保產品
. 韓國製造

. 無毒及不含雙酚A(BPA)、PE
. 100cm (長) x 200cm (闊) x 1cm (厚)

Play mat is a great product that many parents LOVE across the country. Create a safe and ideal place for babies learning to sit up, crawl or simply to lay down. The surface is soft yet firm so it is equally good for little feet that are just learning to walk and for active toddlers who can use it as a gym mat.

– Play mat is made of Polyethylene which is not harmful to human body and thus widely is used for packing food
– Double sided and high-density coating improves the durability with comfortable surface
– Square shaped double embossing helps to reduce the impact of falling, avoid slipping and helps ventilation
– It is water-proof. You can simply wipe it with tissue or damp cloth
– High-density PE foam for better cushioning, reduce noise & shielding of cold air & humidity from floor
– It is an environmental friendly and non-toxic play mat that is passed the European Safety Standard

Material: Non-Toxic & BPA Free PE
Product Size: Approx. L39.4″ x W78.7″ x T0.39″ / L100 x W200 x T1cm (+/- 2%)

Made in Korea

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