Baby Star 嬰兒床褥

Baby Star 嬰兒床褥

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Baby Star 嬰兒床褥

. 外層針織布:英國標準 BS7177 阻燃布,通過測試,給寶寶舒適又安全的每一個睡眠。
. 採用密度30 / 硬度60海綿:通過歐洲標準:BS EN16890硬度要求
. 拉鍊床褥布套:方便清洗
. 防水內層套:防液體滲入
. 可洗衣機清洗的保護套,保持清潔

– 2吋.Easi 床褥尺寸:L36.2″ x W21.2″ x H2″ [L92 x W53.5 x H5.1 cm] (+/- 2%)
– 3吋.Medi 床褥尺寸:L37.2″ x W21.9″ x H3″ [L94.5 x W55.5 x H7.6 cm] (+/- 2%)
– 3吋.Melio 床褥尺寸:L36.2″ x W21″ x H3″ [L92 x W53.5 x H7.6 cm] (+/- 2%) (停產)
– 3吋.Huggy 床褥尺寸:L40.35″ x W23.6″ x H3″ [L102.5 x W60 x H7.6 cm] (+/- 2%)
– 4吋.Cozzi 床褥尺寸:L41″ x W24″ x H4″ [L104 x W61 x H10.2cm] (+/- 2%)

It is made of firm and comfortable foam with a removable cover.
Both cover and foam conform to BS7177 Resistance of ignition, offering every night a comfortable and safe sleep to your little one.

Other Features:
– Conforms to BS7177 Resistance of ignition (Low Hazard)
– Conforms to BS EN16890 Children’s furniture – Mattresses for cots and cribs
– Wipe-clean sealed waterproof inner layer
– Machine washable cover to keep clean

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Baby Star